Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Economic Theory No.1

So, another 6 months and I'd better make a blog post. So, looking for work again. Maybe I should focus on that – it can often be an interesting time. I need to balance all my projects against looking for work, or maybe this time – starting a business. Whilst I'm not really into self-help therapies I do from time-to-time delve into the self-motivational stuff. A book I've just started to read is titled “Never Get a Real Job” by 'Scott Gerber'- the title appealed to me, I sometimes think I've never had a real job, and the when I've had them – I'm bored to tears. So far half way through – not really anything new to me – I think Scott has pitched the book at young start-outs. So far he's made the point – it's not easy, and don't expect success to come quickly, and if you're lucky – you wont starve or live on the street.

His motivation I think is that for most people the concept of real jobs is a figment of imagination. When I was starting in the work force, back in the mid 1980's it was becoming accepted that most people will have multiple career paths, probably changing their career upto 3 times. I think Scott is trying to make the point that people will need to regularly re-invent their career. This is as trategy I can accept, unfortunately I think many people can't see this, especially people who are still stuck in real jobs, and cannot see a way forward other than their garden path.

The changing economies of the modern western world are obviously in a bit of turmoil, so can they carry their populations forward, or was the old paradigm the correct paradigm.

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